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As followers of Jesus, we know we are called to study His word and know His character.  The School of Biblical Studies is your opportunity to build a strong foundation in the Word of God. 
This school is a nine month course that takes its students through the entire Bible using inductive study methods that will give each student the tools for Bible study in any ministry they feel called to in the future.

Come and join us!

Common Questions
Where is Goa?

Goa, a state of India is located on the western coast of India. The state of Goa is bounded by the state of Maharashtra to its north and East. To the south lies the state of Karnataka, while to its west lies the arabian sea

Who Can apply?

Applicants must  have sucessfully  completed the UofN Discipleship Training School. There is no age limit for participation.

We will need as well to receive a recommendation letter from your last school leader in order to process your application.

What will I learn in SBS?

Students of the School of Biblical Studies will learn:

How to study inductively
Using an inductive approach students will engage with every page of the Bible by observing what it says, interpreting its intended meaning and applying it to their lives.

How to find the historical context
The student will learn to explore the text through the eyes of the original reader using good resources to understand the cultural and historical background of each book.

How to apply the Bible
The goal of any Bible study is to be able to apply its truth in our lives! Students of the School of Biblical Studies are constantly evaluating their own lives and prayerfully finding opportunities to apply the principles of the Bible to their own situations.

How to teach the Bible
As the student becomes more knowledgeable in their understanding of the Bible they will be given opportunities to practice teaching the Bible and take that ability to teach God’s word into whatever ministry they may be a part of in the future.

How is the School divided?

The School of Biblical Studies is offered as a nine month school that is broken into three terms of three months each:

1st Term (SBS I): The first term starts with a three week seminar teaching on the principles of inductive Bible study. Books studied are the Synoptic Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, the Pauline Epistles and the book of Hebrews

2nd Term (SBS II): In the second term, students complete the New Testament books and begin their study of the Old Testament, completing Genesis through Samuel.

3rd Term (SBS III): In the third term students will complete their study of the Old Testament’s historical books, the Prophets and Wisdom Literature.

Why do SBS in Goa?

The SBS in Goa is located just minutes away from the beautiful ocean with a peaceful setting for soaking in the Word of God. Students will study the word in a classroom setting as well as individual study time.

Classes will include both live speakers and online lectures on every book of the Bible from experienced staff and guest speakers from around the world.

Students will benefit from our Online SBS staff as well as staff onsite who will be available to help with study and research, facilitate discussions and give support and encouragement.

What About School Costs?

All applicants must pay a registration non-refundable admin fee of  ₹ 1.000 (INR) in order to process your application.

The School of Biblical Studies is offered as a nine month school that is broken into three terms of three months each:

Cost for housing and food per quarter (term) :

₹ 25.000 (INR) –  For Indian Nationals


How does the schedule look like ?

Each day you will have activities such as morning exercises, family chores, lectures, work duties, (general duties around the base) and evening activities.

There are also weekly corporate events such as the base worship, and Thursday Night Meetings you will participate in.

Your weekends may have some school activities but will generally be free for you to explore the city and have some study time

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